Gold : Latin Display typeface in 3 weights
Genre: Love, Romance, Drama, Thriller, Noir, Passion
Designed by: Jaikishan Patel


A day, I found myself melting inside. Melted for long. Really long. I have no words to describe the feeling. Like fading away. It was immensely painful until I saw that sheen and shine. Like rising sun. Like gold. I stood gazing at myself to see if I was the same person. I was smiling in pain, leaving behind everything that I thought I was made of. Those countless things inside me could never make me smile this way before. Who gave me all the courage to stand that heat? I don't know. What if I had a choice? What if I had a master escape plan? The story would have been totally different.

If only had I chosen not to burn, I would have never seen all that was not Gold. I am more like me than ever before.

Simplicity has gone through all forms of decoration. This is the most dramatic blend of geometry with the evolved organic shapes, featuring simplicity not by having nothing but having Everything.
Gold is a display typeface with over 640+ Latin plus glyphs. Current version of the Gold-2 family includes Regular and Bold font weights.

Download the typeface

Full font package is available for personal or commercial use. Please feel free to write to us for any kind of feedback, suggestion or contribution to the design. 

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Gold is a display typeface with over 640+ Latin plus glyphs. The current version...

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