Indian Brands in their Devanagari attire!

Visual translation into देवनागरी (Devanagari) script of some of the popular visual identities from India.

Just like a fancy dress competition or a cultural day event in schools, colleges and workplaces once or twice in a year.

In festive occasions in India, everybody go WOW! for a few hours. We get to see our own colours and shades and patterns and everything. There are so much of variety to explore for that day. We actually spend so much of time selecting that dress which is in fact supposed to be our own. Because we have been trained so well in that fashion. Because we have been told that this is the better way to appear in the new world. Our original identity and appearance have become secondary in no time.

It has been so common to see big brands in Latin type that when we see a regional language text as a brand name, it's so tough to accept it as a primary identity. Is it? We don’t know. In India where the majority of the population use regional languages and not English. Anyways. There must be a strong reason to setup the primary brand in a particular language.

Visual identity carries brief characteristics of the brand. If the visual abstraction promises to be powerful and consistent enough, a language should not be the primary concern. A visual identity that has already made an impression with great recall value, is the one which is not dependent on the text. As it can be read visually.

Anyways… brands are already up there and If it is a rule to translate them into another language, we do not have a choice. As the letter itself is an abstracted form that points to a unique associated imagery.
When we try to translate a logotype into other languages they may not carry the same visual sensibility which they’ve been designed for. Being biased by the individual characters of that language, it's more important to understand the overall imagery of the brand at the first place. If they had been designed primarily with the regional languages and then visually translated into latin, it would have been a completely different story altogether. At this point, the idea is to translate the existing brand into a regional language. Here are a few examples of the brands in latin type from India.

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