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MagicType is an exclusive design collaborative, primarily concerned about visual thinking in Communication Design.

Every Visual Communication issue consists of both; rational and irrational part to understand. While addressing the logical issues, most of the time we follow certain methods that are universally accepted. We can assure that we are up to the best possible solutions available at this moment. But the irrational decisions are completely our own. Some of them by experience and some by intuition. And in a long term, it plays a major role in why we are different from any other.

We do not just want to be called Type Designers. We are not Graphic Designers. We are not Photographers or Graphic Designers or UI Designers or Animators and Filmmakers. MagicType believes that each of these specialized skills come into frame only if someone has already analyzed the bigger picture. The scope of any Communication Design project can be radically different from the first creative brief. We are constantly looking out for them by discussing the problem, and not the solutions.
The Magic of 

Born and brought up in India.

Magictype is born out of conversations between the space and form. They talk to each other, love each other, hate each other, compliment, praise, argue, fight, or sometimes even feel jealous of each other. The feelings they share for each other brings out a new story. Everytime. It's just magical.

Abstract letterforms are one of the best examples to understand how each letter feels in the space within and around. With their own unique form of the negative space, they create a language. Apart from their meaning as a language, collectively with each of the details in them, they also carry a unique organic rhythm as a visual form. It's not just about a visual or a product but any situation that we face in life. If we are able to understand the space well, we are much closer to visualize the form.

Visualisation of types

Visualizing forms to let thoughts come out to the life. Handcrafted letters and forms for unique ideas with a specific purpose.